GTE Feed Bids

Feed bids below are priced F.O.B. and subject to change without notice.

*Note: our maintenance shutdown has been postponed until August.

Distillers Wet Grain (Wet-Cake):

Spot – $45/ton (half price this week, both spot and contract. ie – $22.50/ton spot)

June – September – $41/ton


May – $129/ton

June/July – $125/ton

August – $129/ton

September/October – $145/ton

Corn Solubles (Syrup): (please schedule ahead)

Spot Syrup currently $15/ton

*Note: syrup will now be available until mid August.

Feed Loading Hours & Info

Dry Distillers (DDGS): Monday through Friday 8am-4pm

Wet Distillers (Wet Cake): Load out available 24/7

Syrup: Load out available 24/7

NOTE: If you are arriving at the plant for the first time or have any questions regarding after hours loading procedures, please come during office hours (8am-4pm).

GTE feed production volume:

GTE adjusts feed output ratio (wet/dry) due to seasonal demand as well as other factors.  When producing wet cake – GTE generates approximately 425 tons daily.  When producing DDGS – GTE generates approximately 145 tons daily.  GTE only has the ability to run one product or the other (not simultaneously) at any given time.

Pricing and Availability

Jeff Geib, Commodities Manager Phone: (660)683-5007 Email:
Clint Dougherty, Assistant Commodities Manager Phone: (660)683-5003 Email:

Our Customer Commitment

Golden Triangle Energy will consistently provide diversified ethanol and feed products that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, investors and regulatory agencies. We will be actively committed to quality programs that produce steady profit, consistent production and customer satisfaction.

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