Grain Neutral Spirits

Golden Triangle Energy offers full scale production at our state-of –the art, grain neutral spirits distillation facility.

The distillation is believed to be among the elite in grain neutral spirits production facilities in the world, serving the personal care, food and beverage industry. A brief general description of our “six column” process follows:

The 17-18% beer from corn based fermentation passes through a beer stripping column separating the mash from the low proof water-alcohol vapor. The rectifier and side stripping columns are next, stripping water from the alcohol to its aziotropic balance. Next is the extractive distillation column which begins the purification process by separating and diverting impurities or congeners from the diluted flow.

The nearly pure, diluted product is then brought back to aziotropic levels in the Hi Quality rectifier column. At this point, the stream is directed through a specialized column to remove methanol from the stream. Product from this column is pristine. Outside testing has shown this 190 proof grain neutral spirits product to be among the purest in the industry.  It has routinely passed very stringent organolyptic testing panels in the beverage industry.

This Kosher, 190 proof product is offered for sale.

To serve customers wanting a 200 proof product, the pure 190 proof stream passes through a dedicated GNS, molecular sieve system and recycle rectifier column to remove the remaining 5% water. This is a mechanical alcohol-water serperation drying system that uses no chemicals to break the molecular aziotropic bonds and delivers an anhydrous product for compact shipment.

The resulting kosher product is stored in 304 stainless steel tanks with a polished interior and shipped in kosher certified rail cars or tankers. The increased proof gallons per wine gallon makes this an attractive option for discerning customers, with a 5% increase in proof gallons delivered per freight dollar.


GNS Products:        * 190 Proof GNS    * 200 Proof GNS