GTE Feed Bids:

*Contact us for info and availability.  Feed bids below are priced F.O.B. and subject to change without notice.  See bottom of this page for contact info.

Distillers Wet Grain (Wet-Cake):
Spot wet feed currently $59/ton
March – April contract $57/ton (150 ton minimum please)
Last Half April – September contract $47/ton (200 ton minimum please)

Distillers Dry Grain (DDGS): (loads Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm)
Spot dry distillers currently $165/ton
Last Half April & May $150/ton

Corn Solubles (Syrup): (please schedule several days ahead)
Spot pricing currently $24/ton

Feed loading hours and information:

Dry Distillers (DDGS): Monday through Friday 8am-4pm

Wet Distillers (Wet Cake): Load out available 24/7

Syrup: Load out available 24/7

NOTE: If you are arriving at the plant for the first time or have any questions regarding after hours loading procedures, please come during office hours (8am-4pm).

GTE feed production volume:

GTE adjusts feed output ratio (wet/dry) due to seasonal demand as well as other factors.  When producing wet cake – GTE generates approximately 425 tons daily.  When producing DDGS – GTE generates approximately 145 tons daily.  GTE only has the ability to run one product or the other (not simultaneously) at any given time.

Pricing and Availability (contact info):

Jeff Geib, Commodities Manager Phone: (660)683-5007  Email: jgeib@goldentriangleenergy.com
Mark Wilson, Assistant Commodities Manager Phone: (660)683-5003  Email: mwilson@goldentriangleenergy.com

Call Toll Free: (888)220-5646  Ext. 5007-Jeff or Ext. 5003-Mark