Golden Triangle Energy

15053 Highway 111 * Craig, MO 64437


Manufacturer of
Grain Neutral Spirits
and Other Ethanol Products


Golden Triangle Energy (GTE) is located on the east side of Highway 111 just off of the west side of Interstate-29 at exit 92. The plant opened for business in 2001 to produce fuel-grade ethanol. This in turn is blended with gasoline to increase octane, burn cleaner and reduce harmful emissions. After a recent addition to the plant, GTE is now able to produce industrial alcohol, as well as fuel-grade ethanol.

Size of Plant

GTE processes 20,000 bushels of corn daily (6 to 7 million bushels yearly). Quality livestock feed is produced as a co-product of the ethanol process. Along with feed production, GTE produces 20 million gallons of industrial alcohol &/or fuel ethanol annually. There are currently 39 employees at the facility.

Feed Grain Used

100% Corn (no milo or other grains)

Plant Operation

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Daily Feed Production

Dry Distillers (DDG): 6 semi loads (approximately 155 tons)

Wet Distillers: 19 semi loads (approximately 475 tons)

Capacity of Corn Solubles (Syrup): 5 semi loads (approximately 125 tons) 

Quality of Product

GTE strives to maintain consistency in the products that are produced. Samples and tests are conducted on all feed products to maintain consistency and ensure product guarantees are met. Many of GTE's customers have been regular customers for a number of years. Even though these customers have the ability to obtain similar products closer to their operation, the consistency and dedication to customer satisfaction has kept them using GTE as their main product supplier.

Preventative Maintenance

GTE generally has 2 shutdowns scheduled annually for preventative maintenance for 3 to 5 days each. The goal is to have enough feed produced to continue to supply to customers during this time. However, no corn is taken from customers are this time.