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Manufacturer of
Grain Neutral Spirits
and Other Ethanol Products



Text GTE Updates/Bids


* To receive text message updates including market updates, corn bids, feed bids and general delivery info from us please click the link below or give us a call during office hours and we can get you signed up:

GTE Corn Bids:

-Corn bids may be subject to change without notice.

-Regular corn receiving hours are Monday through Friday 8:00-4:30

Delivery Month     Bid      (Basis)    

May             $3.41 (-.30N)

Jun              $3.43 (-.28N)

Jul               $3.46 (-.25N)

Aug             $3.49 (-.30U)

Sep             $3.51 (-.28U)                        


Oct/Nov      $3.50 (-.40Z)

Dec             $3.58 (-.32Z)


CBOT Corn Market Info: 

Jul: 3.712 +1 ¾

Sep: 3.790 +2

Dec: 3.896 +2


GTE Feed Bids:

*Call for info or availability.  Feed bids below are priced F.O.B. and subject to change without notice.  See bottom of page for contact info.


Distillers Wet Grain (Wet-Cake):

May thru September contract $25/ton (100 ton minimum please)

Spot Wet feed currently $27/ton


Distillers Dry Grain (DDG): (loads Mon-Fri 8:00 - 4:00)

$92/ton May & June

*Note: We now have feed available.


Corn Solubles (Syrup): (please schedule several days ahead)

Spot Pricing currently at $5/ton

*Note: We now have feed available.



Jeff Geib      


Commodities Manager / Purchasing Agent


Golden Triangle Energy


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(660)683-5007 Direct


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